Dear Gossip Girl Characters
"Dear Gossip Girl Charaters" is a creative blog in which fans submit and create "letter" from one "Gossip Girl" character to another or from the fans to a "Gossip Girl" character for a good life or to carry an opinion across.

Feel free to submit some letters of your own, and as long as they're not designed to be completely offensive or inappropriate, you will see it here!

The inspiration for our blog comes from the letterstomrpotter tumblr blog.
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Hello everyone! Let us start off by probably introducing ourselves:

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If you have a tumblr, and you are not part of any fandoms, then your time on here must be very boring.

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*Note: Several of the notes being submitted are written to a character/couple from a fandom or to the writers from a fandom. They have been accepted (aside from the few that were all out insulting), but please try to stay within the guidelines:

To character(s), From character(s) - or - To character(s), From inanimate object.

Thank you!
-DearGossipGirlCharacters Staff 

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